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Scale your brokerage  profitability using our Brokerpreneur HUB Recruiting Automation, and Masterminds collaborating on recruiting, retention, agent productivity, and more. 

Our Members No Longer Struggle With Inconsistent Profitabilty.

Multiple Options

Don't stress about where you are in business. We have levels to fit any brokerage and detailed strategies to scale your growth to any level you wish to achieve.

Automated Results

No need to try a new growth strategy every month to temporarily boost your numbers. We have the system that works best for your style and culture.

Consistent Profitability

Brokerpreneur Coaching compounds your profit year after year. The struggle will finally be over, and your profitability will be consistent and reliable.

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We Understand What It Feels Like To Have Inconsistent Profitability,
But It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

You Can Scale Your Brokerage And Control Profitability

1. Choose The Best Membership

Learn exactly how the Brokerpreneur HUB gives you back your time, allowing you to recruit and retain in a matter of seconds every week.

2. Launch The Automation

Discover the best agents for your brokerage by allowing our recruiting automation to make the initial connections, and add value to your recruits.

3. Start Growing Your Brokerage

Eliminate frustration, and get yourself and your team excited about company growth. Growth should be your company’s culture, not just your manager’s job.

 At Brokerpreneur Coaching we know you are a broker/ owner who wants to be a successful entrepreneur and grow a legacy company. In order to be that way, you need to take ownership of your profitability. The problem is growth can feel like an unsolvable puzzle, which makes you feel frustrated and often times “hand cuffed” by outside influences. We believe every agent deserves to be with the best broker for them. This allows the broker to hire and retain agents year after year. When a win-win situation is created it always benefits the customer as well, and that is what builds reputation and attracts everyone to your brokerage. 

We understand how difficult it can be to scale a real estate brokerage and keep it growing in the right direction. With decades of experience in growing successful real estate brokerages, as well as other businesses, we are able to impact brokers of all sizes and show them how to do the same with their business. All you need to do is schedule a Free Strategy Call with Matt Vigh, our C.E.O., discover the exact steps you need to take to start growing your brokerage to match your vision. Click the button to stop struggling, and start seeing the profitability you imagined possible when you first opened your brokerage.

Meet The Owners

Matt Vigh

Owner, C.E.O.

Anyone who knows Matt will always speak first of his expertise of the Real Estate industry and his uncanny leadership ability. He is currently a broker of one of the largest brokerages in the Tampa area and sees growth year after year regardless of the market.

Before becoming the Broker/Owner of a Century 21 Franchise system he was an Independent Educational Consultant for the Glynn County School system and taught Personality Profiling for an HR company at Glynco, Georgia.

He began his Real Estate Career in the late 1990’s and was the Top Producing agent in his office after just one year in the business. Shortly there after he purchased that Company just 3 years after being in the industry. As the Top Agent he sold that brokerage to a larger company and became a Regional Manager for that Company where he worked for almost 10 years before moving to Tampa, Florida.

Specialties: Sales Process Skill (specializing in Real Estate),Personality Profiling, Educational/Training Process Development, Self Defense (Non-Physical and Physical Application), and Conflict Resolution especially as these skills relate to Real Estate Recruiting.

Dr. Ben Spears


Dr. Ben has always pushed the boundaries of his business endeavors. After starting his Chiropractic practice in the middle of the recession with zero patients, he quickly grew it, even as an all cash practice. 
After selling that business, he knew he had to continue to scratch that entrepreneur itch. He got his real estate license, crushed his first couple of years, and quickly discovered his passion for marketing and hasn’t looked back. He quickly grew an immediately profitable marketing business for Realtors, and now is obsessed with helping Brokerages reach their full potential in this digital landscape. 

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