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If generic drip campaigns and "smile & Dial" aren't your style...welcome to the Brokerpreneur community!

we just want to be part of your win!!


It is the combined skillset of an experienced successful broker with the drive and vision of a business entrepreneur. A community of likeminded Brokers/Owners who refuse to settle for less.

The Sky's The Limit

We cover the best topics That Help Your Brokerage Grow

From the best strategies, the mistakes you shouldn’t be making, and the entrepreneurs that we should all model for success… we bring it all straight to your favorite podcast platform.

We take the dread out of recruiting

relevant recruiting tactics you need to know...

Providing Value First

Smile and dial is no longer the best method to connect with agents in your market

appointments & Interviews

They're two different things but we dive into specifically how to handle both and get agents to show up!


What get's measure gets managed. Net hires, PPP, and Cost Per Hire are just a few numbers you need to know.

Recruiting Experienced agents

Experienced agent recruiting can be intimidating. We bring you the best strategies to connect and get them to ask you for an appointment.

Agent Retention

Recruiting agents is one thing. Keeping them is another. There are certain things you can easily do to have a brokerage full of happy agents who aren't going anywhere.

Building the right culture

Your culture is your brokerage's heartbeat. Keep it alive and well by constantly checking the pulse with your current agents.

Matt Vigh

Ex-Broker, Recruiting Expert

Dr. Ben Spears

Serial Entrepreneur

growth is our obsession

The Faces Behind Brokerpreneur Podcast

We love our community!

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