3 Ways to build Trust while recruiting

3 Ways to Build Trust while recruiting

We know recruiting can be difficult or you would not be reading this blog!  It is a complex, multi-staged process in most scenarios. It involves a number of different people with varying roles to play and every changing levels of input on the final outcome.  It’s not just about the manager and the recruit.  That is why so often trust can be an issue in the process; there are many moving parts, after all, and it’s natural for everyone involved to feel a little anxious and cautious about their counterpart’s tactics, actions, and intentions. Especially at first. That is why trust is so essential; without it, you, your team members, and the recruit, won’t have faith in the situation and they will not move forward in joining your brokerage.  Often when it’s complex like that they begin to rely on their “instinct” to help finalize their decisions.  Here are 3 ways you can build trust throughout your sales process so whether everything goes as planned or they end up relying on instincts to make the final decision, you will be on the best side of the trust line in their mind. 

Have an open conversation with the recruit from the start

Although the theme for the process of recruiting should be the same every time, each recruiting scenario is unique to that agent.  Since it’s the same but different, as the saying goes, the unique part is not “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to building trust. The best approach to take is to have an open conversation with the recruit from the start. Ask questions about their selling environment, what their daily tasks are, and how the process is working for them now.  Don’t assume you know their problems, help them to tell you.  This gives you insight into how their process works, what their pain is, and it also shows you’re proactive and interested in building a strong relationship.

Define common goals with the recruit in the beginning

Another key factor to building trust with a salesperson is to help them understand what goals you have in common as soon as possible.  This starts with asking real questions while attempting to build a strong relationship with the recruit.  No tricks here, just real questions and real listening.  Don’t be afraid to ask real questions about their business, their life goals, and most importantly what drives them!  Once you have asked actively listen and be honest and open up about what you are trying to accomplish from a big picture stand point ONLY if it fits into the conversation.  Remember, this is about them.  By sharing this way with them you will be able to identify several things they’re trying to accomplish and one of several of them will likely match what you want to accomplish within your brokerage.  If it does not, maybe rethink how good of a fit this agent will be in your organization?   A recruit will be much more likely to get on board with your goals if they know they directly align with their goals!

Be transparent and clear about why you are communicating

Trust is built when it’s clear and transparent about what you’re communicating – and why. That’s why it’s important to be as transparent and clear as possible when communicating with your recruits ASAP! Be upfront and honest about you wanting them to be part of your team or brokerage if they are a fit.  However, ultimately make sure they know its about you having great relationships with agents in your market.  Not everyone is going to be a fit for what you do but it’s great to have good relationships with as many agents as you can in your area because you just never know!.  Once you have clearly articulated it, early in the conversation, it’s time to move on from it.  It cannot be the only reason you’re connecting because once they say no (which happens a lot) it’s time for you to quit “bugging” them in their eyes!  A recruit will be much more likely to get on board with your ideas if they know you’re coming from a place of understanding and connection and not just trying to impose a transition to your company on them.  After all who wants to be called in the middle of their day, asked a favor, and then when they say “no” have the person asking the favor say “ok I will call later maybe you will do me the favor of sitting down then!”

We all know that building trust in your recruiting process is key to making sure everyone feels safe about getting involved from the very beginning – and continuing through to the end. Having an open conversation with the recruit from the start, defining common goals with the recruit in the beginning, and being transparent about why you are communicating are all ways to help them understand what type of leader you will be when the time comes for them to join your brokerage!


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