Blog: 6 Broker Tips to Effectively Recruit Real Estate Agents Using Scripts

Apply These 6 Guidelines to Texts, Emails and In-Person Conversations To Engage and Retain Top Agents

As a real estate broker or team lead, you may have a bulletproof growth plan and offer an attractive compensation plan to agents. But, if new recruits aren’t aware of your brokerage or they’re not getting the message of your top selling points, you might be missing out on top talent.

For many teams and brokerages, a script is like a dirty word that infers a sales pitch lacking authenticity. But as Matt Vigh and Dr. Ben Spears point out in their Prospect Boomerang Brokerpreneur Podcast, this disdain for real estate recruiting scripts may actually be simply fear of saying something that isn’t getting the results you want.

“People get lost in using scripts only for handling objections, but that’s why people don’t like them. The truth is, through your own conversations, if you’re being intentional, the objections get handled along the way,” says Vigh.

Scripting with authenticity begins with how you deliver the message with confidence, and confidence, Vigh notes, begins with competency.

“You have to make yourself feel comfortable with why you’re using the script,” he says. “It can’t just be to handle objections; you have to ensure that the recruit has enough information to make the correct decision on whether to join your organization or not. If you know what you’re going to say, you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to say next.”

Rather than cram everything your team or brokerage offers in one big blurred “laundry list” statement, try to create a meaningful dialogue of several key recruiting benefits and back up your assertions with real-life scenarios.

How Brokers Can Recruit Real Estate Agents Using Script Guidelines

Here are 6 guidelines to help you craft meaningful real estate scripts that get results:


Your offerings to agents should be memorable, clear, consistent and differentiated from the competition. What does the agent gain by joining your organization? What can your brokerage offer that’s different in terms of training, technology and compensation that’s not all about commission splits? If the competition is offering 100% commission, maybe point out the real estate broker software, training and lead generation that you provide.


Of course, novice agents will need more information; whereas, veterans will be able to size up your options faster. Training and lead gen conversations will also look differently. Novices, for instance, will typically understand there’s a tradeoff with a lower split in exchange for training and leads, while veterans will want a higher split yet might expect more in marketing support. Remember, your brokerage’s recruiting scripts should not be one size fits all, but rather, cater to the individual’s experience level and background.


What does your training (onsite and virtual) encompass? Do you sponsor any continuing education (CE) courses or mentorship programs?

Do you include a CRM or real estate transaction management software as part of the benefits package? Real estate broker software is a big draw for agents who are looking for systems that can fast-track their deals and bring more efficiency to the transaction process. Explain the key differentiators of your tech stack and what type of support you offer.

Some transaction management systems can actually assist in the recruiting and onboarding process. Dotloop’s Business+ platform, for instance, offers an HR Dashboard that lets admins store candidates’ resumes and pictures to help organize job prospects while onboarding new agents with automated Tasks to complete all the necessary paperwork, contracts and documents they need to get started.


If you feel the prospect may be looking for more specialized support in their next move, make sure your script includes anything special that you may offer, from compliance and legal concerns to transaction coordinators. Are you personally available by phone or text and, if so, what hours?


What’s the team or brokerage culture dynamic? Do you have team-building events? Is there a referral program? Point out any industry speakers that you host and any partnerships with preferred vendors that may offer a benefit to the onboarding agent.


Whether you text, email, phone or meet your recruiting prospects in person, consider using a calendar-linking scheduling software to make it easy for prospects to register for your recruiting events. Not only will this increase engagement, but it also helps you measure the performance of your event offerings.


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