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How do you use the daily planner to achieve your objectives?

The BFT daily plan is an integral part of our membership site and more importantly a crucial component to your success. Use the modules in the BFT Daily Plan to confirm goals, track your progress and be intentional with the little flex time you have every day. To use the planner, you will need to: 1.Sign in to your membership dashboard.
2.Have your daily goals in an accessible place.
3.Honor your time blocking
4.Take notes of what is working for you and not working.
5.Use your 5/5/2 as your “To-do Checklist”.
6.Get your staff involved in classes, watching videos, reading guides, and sharing content. In other words, get them engaged.
7.Constantly review your dashboard
Be sure to sign up for and attend the Wednesday classes with Dr. Ben to review how to best leverage the entire system and how it is laid out for you to realize it’s maximum potential.

How do you use the live masterminds to grow your business?

Go to the BOP events page and review the guide and the video on that page. They will both help you

How do you use the program to help you recruit more quality agents?

We believe that recruiting is not a one-person; it’s a team effort to do it at a high level. There's no point in being great at recruiting if your brokerage does not support real growth before and after the hire. So that is why it's important to know how to use all of the membership to not just help recruit but also to grow production and to retain top talent. In other words the membership improves your brokerage by closing any gaps you may have in your overall system:
1. It helps you schedule your time effectively because you focus on execution not creation of plan fundamentals.
2. it allows you to save time because you can ‘share” how things are going to be done instead of create and explain how they need to happen.
3. It gives you a sense of accomplishment because you know that not only is there a process but you get to hear from others who are working through it or who are on the other side already.
The best part is that any confusion or questions can be answered in so many ways so that you focus on delivery!

How can I plan my week out quickly?

It’s simple, get in the habit of taking 5 minutes on Monday to fill out the “Weekly Plan at a Glance” doc or have you team even fill it out. During the week you will be ready to execute all week with intention.

How can you use the Brokers Open Podcast live to help you retain agents?

Agents need quick and concise information that they can absorb easy and delegate or complete without changing their daily stride. Thursday is the perfect day for them to slow down a little, think about it over the weekend, and deploy or delete by Monday. And you look like the expert you are ready to offer the next baby step forward when they are ready!

How does the motivation and momentum help my staff become more engaged in recruiting?

It’s about having a shared and simple vocabulary to get a quick snapshot of where they are so you know where to focus. Think of it as a quick weather report that allows you to properly plan.

How do you use the live masterminds to grow your business?

New agents want tactics and “what to try” but experienced agents want leveraged experience that they can make match their own business. Anything else distracts them and stops their forward progress. Simple experience based insights helps them adjust their sails for efficiency but keep their course. That is what a master mind group should be in order to succeed.

How do you use the program to identify better recruits?

Look at your recruiting assessment findings. It not only helps you identify the best recruits but what is the way that will work the best for you. How you find agents has a lot to do with who you are finding. If you network in groups a lot then find agents that way because they will fit your brokerage better.

How do you use the program to help agents be more productive?

There is no shortage of great ideas about how to succeed in real estate. Most opinons fall short of guidance on how to execute. We are here to help walk through everything from tactics, to execution, to staying motivated, to feeling engaged through a community. It’s all focused on what they need when they are ready to apply it not when it matches someone elses schedule. They will appreciate the consistent delivery of what is best for their business when they are ready to dig in!

How can I use the Daily Plan to get my staff to help me recruit?

The first step in getting someone to be consistent is to be clear on your vision so they can be comfortable buying in to the idea. Once you have that and a simple plan they will see progress that they are part of and LOOK OUT! Everyone loves to be part of a big win.

How do I get my agents to join coaching?

New agents its just a must. They will be excited (most of them) and then you adjust their frequency based on your time and their needs. Experienced agents it should start with questions about growth and business planning. Where are they and where do they want to be are a great place to start. You will be surprised how many want guidance.

How can you use the Brokerpreneur Daily Plan to achieve your goals?

Come on, did you look at the plan. It’s BA!

How often is content updated?

Constantly. There are always blogs, videos, podcast, downloads, infographics, class replays, and so much more always happening that we want to share. It’s all about helping you stay ahead that means constant curated content is a must. Gary V. knows it, you know it, and we know it!

What are the different modules in this program?

Currently everything is around rectruting, retention, and per person productivity. As the brokerage industry changes and we need to add any modules just understand we are always looking at the market to see what is coming so we can help you stay ahead!

How can I ask questions about how to use the program?

The best way is Monday office hours and use the Community questions tab on the navigation bar. It’s the quickest way for us to get your question to the best person on our team.

How do you access the program office hours?

Just simply register. Go to the Live classes page and sign up. It’s really best if you register and ask you questions in the registration. We record them so that there is a library that you will be able to search as needed!

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