BFT February 21-25

Week of February 21-25

Your Weekly Objectives

Recruiting Accelerator

Here is a video for the upcoming Sphere Of Influence Challenge. Share this video and let your recruits know that you have a free registration for them if they are interested in taking the challenge!

Your Code will always be : YourCityYear e.g. Tampa2022

Community Accelerator

Here is a sample of the Sphere Of Influence Challenge for you to share later in the week. 

This is just another piece of content created specifically for our clients to draw interest to the Sphere Of Influence Challenge.

Remember that the entire purpose of our events and challenges are to give you comfortable reasons to connect with agents in your marketplace to offer value that no other brokerage in your area has access to.

Next Mastermind

Our next Mastermind call will be on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022 from 1-2:00pm EST (EASTERN STANDARD TIME). There will be a lot discussed about the upcoming SOI Challenge and the new shareables! Please click below to add it to your calendar.

Prospect Tracker

chart, graph, finance-2785885.jpg

Of course we always want to track our progress. This allows us to see what we are putting into our recruiting and truly identify your contact to hire ratio. That’s why we have the Prospect Tracker. Need a new one for the Marketing Challenge? Get it here:

Brokerpreneur Podcast

Keep your mind fresh and on task by listening to our recruiting podcast between your coaching or mastermind calls.


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