BFT January 17 – 21

Week of January 17 - 21

Your Weekly Objectives

This Week's Coaching Call Clip

Text Script

Copy, Paste, Make it your own:

Hey! We’re a few days away from our Elevate Event. I know you’re interested, but have you signed up for it? If not yet, then hurry up – we only have a limited amount of slots left!

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Copy, Paste, Make it your own: 


 Hi [Name],

 (insert details relevant to recent conversations between you)

 How are you doing? I sure do hope that your day is going on nicely and you’re continuing to live out your best life.

 I am reaching out to you today to let you know that we here at <insert company name>’s Elevate Event will start in a few days’ time. Have you registered yet? If not, then you better hurry up – there are only limited slots remaining!

 I know this isn’t exactly the best place to discuss this matter – that’s why we’ll be linking our website here<hyperlink website here> so that you can check and see for yourself what else we have to offer for you!

 Sincerely yours,

[Sender’s Name]

[Sender’s Title]

Next Mastermind

Our next Mastermind call will be on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 from 1-2:00pm EST. There will be a lot discussed about getting rolling in the New Year! Please click below to add it to your calendar.

Prospect Tracker

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Of course we always want to track our progress. This allows us to see what we are putting into our recruiting and truly identify your contact to hire ratio. That’s why we have the Prospect Tracker. Need a new one for the Marketing Challenge? Get it here:

Business Accelerator

This week’s BA is essential to your recruiting success over time.

When you are talking to recruits do not focus on your tools…..every company has tools. Focus on the results that agents like the one you are interviewing had by using the tools and systems that you have. Go to three of your top agents and ask them what do they use that you offer that helps them the most. then write it down so you can review it and commit it to memory so you have it when you need it.

Share how it went! Go to the group and see what others are doing to take this week’s BA to the next level.  

Brokerpreneur Podcast

Keep your mind fresh and on task by listening to our recruiting podcast between your coaching or mastermind calls.


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