Blog: How Accountability Can Be Your Greatest Asset When Recruiting!

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Accountability is not a buzzword . It’s not a “one-time thing” that can be delegated to others while being avoided by an organization’s leadership.  It must be demonstrated consistently in  your organization, especially when it comes to recruiting.  This isn’t news to great recruiting managers & brokers. Although, it often gets overlooked when the day to day whirlwind of responsibilities distract brokers from being truly accountable to their primary responsibility of growth.  When this occurs, blame takes hold of your culture.

We all know that great recruiting managers and brokers understand positive results come from accountability. They know accountability promotes engagement with the people they work side-by-side with. It promotes ownership for solutions instead of complacency with problems.  Why does the whirlwind take over? Perhaps sometimes the biggest benefit of accountability gets outweighed by seemingly more pressing priorities.  In the end we know that is a mistake.  So how do we stay focused?  By not forgetting the biggest benefit of accountability.

A camaraderie evolves when team members become engaged in meaningful discussions to solve not only their own issues, but overarching problems that affect everyone.  This builds trust and encouragement that allows the entire team to see success, and be part of a collaborative win.  

As wins consistently occur and all team members share in the struggles and triumphs, the brokerage shifts from a “your problem” and “my problem” mindset, to a collaborative and accountable culture.

Being accountable does not mean having to answer to someone for the decisions you make. It means feeling personally responsible for results that you have the ability to impact.  

If your job includes creating a culture of growth within your brokerage, then understanding the positive cycle of accountability is critical for your long-term success . It does not have to be difficult. It is as simple as ensuring you and your team feel responsible for the results related to growth. and that you hold each other respectfully accountable for those results.


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