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Why Coaching Is Crucial When Recruiting?

How many times do you schedule an appointment to have them not show up? When is the last time an agent said they were going to sign “tomorrow” only to never hear from them again? When was the last time you lost an agent due to commission split?  

These are all coaching items. There are proven systems and strategies that will launch your recruiting to another level when implemented. Most of the time the answer isn’t “more appointments”… it’s truly “better systems.”

The Core Of Brokerpreneur Fast Track Lies In Our Exclusive Events And Challenges

Why are Events and Challenges critical when recruiting?
Properly planned and executed production-based events and challenges that allow your existing agents and team members to engage with other agents in a sincere and high value way. All while giving your leadership the tools to truly connect with recruits in a relationship-based way. This is the best way to help your team become brand ambassadors as they recognize talent that will be a long term fit for you brokers.

Team Coaching

It is crucial to your success that there are no gaps in your recruiting process. That is why we meet with your entire team to ensure the transition from connection to hire is smooth and easy.

Brokerpreneur Resource Library

Our library is packed with guides, playbooks, and downloads that will be beneficial to your brokerage for years to come.

As your coaching progresses, it is very important that we share our content at the perfect time to not only ensure your success, but also not to overwhelm you all at once.

We Call For You!

Our events and challenges are great draws for agents around the country. Your membership allows you exclusive access to grant recruits free admittance to all of them.

We know time is valuable. So for our coaching clients we will personally invite 10 agents of your choice on your behalf to each and every event/ challenge.

Learn The Best Dialogues

One of the top requests we get is help with scripts and what to say to recruits. 

For that reason we initiated our Brokerpreneur Script Practice program to help you get comfortable when speaking to recruits. 

Remember it’s not just what you say, but how you say it!

Sales Meeting

If you struggle with sales meetings, we’ve got your back. 

Let us help you with predetermined topics, templated meeting agendas, and secret ways to actually get your agents to attend and engage.

Turn your sales meetings into a recruiting machine!

Retention Is Key

Retention is just as important as recruiting! 

If you put in the effort to grow your brokerage, we want to make sure you keep the agents you’ve hired.

The Retention Challenge is designed to make this process easy and can be consumed in less than an hour!

Agent Training

If recruiting is the lifeblood of your brokerage, then agent productivity are the systems that keep it pumping.

Along with our Events & Challenges that all of your agents can attend for free, we have content you can share that will help scale your company dollar as well. 

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