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An Overview Of Our Managed Services

We feel it is crucial to ensure each of our clients understand exactly what they are getting. A full recruiting system designed to scale your brokerage building value first relationships.

A Clear View Of Appointments Set For You

What gets measured gets managed. Take a look at the appointments we’ve set for your brokerage over the last rolling 12 months.

Coaching and Auto Rotation

Coaching is crucial to recruiting. Especially when it comes to accountability. It is too easy to lose consistency and chase the next hire. Instead the focus of coaching is to build a quality pipeline that continues to grow over time.

Events + Challenges = Results

All 3 Events and All of the Challenges have been extremely exciting to the agents who registered. Time and time again we see the same names coming back for each and every event & challenge. 

Several of the appointments scheduled have come directly from the value of these events. 

Appointment To Hire Ratios

Converting appointments into hires is an important part of every brokerage’s recruiting plan. You can’t simply make calls until you get an appointment, and then ignore the agent if they decide not to join. 

That’s why we are constantly building new and innovative ways to give your managers comfortable ways to engage with recruits, add value, and stay top of mind. 

What A 10% Improved Appt. To Hire Ratio Would Mean To Your Brokerage

We are obsessed with numbers. Although relationships are #1 when it comes to recruiting. Looking for every improvement can make a substantial difference in the bottom line as the results compound. 

Plan of Action To Improve

It is a constant strive for perfect agent recruiting with Prospect Boomerang. You can rest assured that our team is never resting when it comes to helping your brokerage win. 

Your success is our success. We are a team, and moving forward we are extremely excited to be part of your win.