Weekly Webinars

Live webinars with other collaboration minded brokers sharing ideas on a variety of topics and formats such as: Coaching, Agent Retention, Business Ecosystem, Lead Generation for both Recruiting & Agent Retention, How to get vendors to help you grow your agent count, Recruiting Assessments, What makes a great commission plan, and so much more.  The format rotates to ensure the best flow of pertinent information for all levels of membership.

OnDemand Training

Ondemand Training videos or as we call them our Asset Showcases are designed to help you up your level of value with your agents, your staff, and yourself when the timing is convenient for you.  These courses include what makes a great 8×8, The 3 P’s of time management, Simple Business Planning for Recruits, Instagram made easy, How to get vendors to send great agents your way, Simple FSBO conversations that convert, Prequalifying is not just about finances, 7-5-3 Conversations instead of begging for price adjustments, and much more. 

Resource Library

The Resource Library is where you are going to find all of our downloadable PDF’s that we create based specifically on the feedback of our members. It is our goal for you to have a resource that you can use within your group of broker/managers or even your agents to help them be as productive as possible. As with all parts of our site, this is updated on a weekly basis.