Fast Track Managed Services Overview

Appointments Set For You

You run a busy office. You know how to interview agents. You are comfortable handling objections. Your office is simply the best office in your market for potential recruits.

Our Fast Track Managed Services program offers calling for appointments set for your office. The number of appointments is predetermined by you to ensure we do not overfill your calendar with more than you can handle at a time.

Built For You Follow Up

You’ve heard “the fortune is in the follow up”. The problem is not having a plan, or knowing what to say.

We take the guess work out of it. There is pre built follow up based upon our challenges and events that always give you and your staff a reason to have a comfortable conversation. This allows you to connect, build rapport, and get your calls answered when you follow up again.

Calendar Syncing

Your day is full and busy. The last thing you have time for is another person calling to ask what your calendar looks like.

We sync your calendar through This allows you to have predetermined hours to meet with recruits. Our welcome specialists can see those time slots and schedule without having to interrupt your day. 

You simply open up your calendar for the day and see that appointments have been set for you.

Value Based Reasons To Connect

The key to recruiting is leading with value. Many times a call to an agent can actually be an interruption to their day. 

We make sure you always have valuable assets to share with them. This ensures your connections are about them, and not solely on meeting with you from day one.

Your emails will get opened, your calls will get answered, and your appointments will scale.

National Recognition

It is important to us that each and every one of our clients has the ability to share their real estate story. 

We have two podcasts. One is the Brokerpreneur Podcst. It is about helping brokers across the country grow their offices.

Another is Brokers Open Podcast that has an agent audience where we share strategies from the greatest minds in real estate on how they can grow their business.

We’d love to have on as a guest some time and share your expertise with our listeners. This also makes for great content you can share with your recruits.

Why Coaching Is Crucial When Recruiting?

How many times do you schedule an appointment to have them not show up? When is the last time an agent said they were going to sign “tomorrow” only to never hear from them again? When was the last time you lost an agent due to commission split?  

These are all coaching items. There are proven systems and strategies that will launch your recruiting to another level when implemented. Most of the time the answer isn’t “more appointments”… it’s truly “better systems.”

The Core Of Brokerpreneur Fast Track Lies In Our Exclusive Events And Challenges

Why are Events and Challenges critical when recruiting?
Properly planned and executed production-based events and challenges that allow your existing agents and team members to engage with other agents in a sincere and high value way. All while giving your leadership the tools to truly connect with recruits in a relationship-based way. This is the best way to help your team become brand ambassadors as they recognize talent that will be a long term fit for you brokers.

Our Bi-Weekly Mastermind Calls

Every two weeks we host a live Mastermind Call by video. We cover what each recruiting manager/broker should be focusing on over the next two weeks, as well as a the information that has been shared from our 1 on 1 client coaching calls. 

With Monday updates, Wednesday Mastermind calls, and Friday newsletters, recruiting is always a part of the daily conversation.

Our Famous
Prospect Boomerang Sprints!

You and I know that we must have a plan to succeed in recruiting. There are specific objectives that must be met to ensure that you are getting the most out of each and every event and challenge. That’s why we build a: 

Launch Sprint, Registration Sprint, &  Follow Up Sprint 

for all 6 of these key assets. Click the button below to view a Follow Up Sprint from a recent event.

Monday Fast Track Emails

These emails are sent to our members every Monday. The goal is to get on task and start the week with a healthy focus on recruiting. 

Each email is packed with value to make recruiting simple. They also correlate specifically with the upcoming Event or Challenge. 

Nothing is ever built without specific intention and a plan to help our members win.

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