Find The Leaks In
Your Recruiting Pipeline

One of the most common obstacles brokerages face is building a  consistent successful recruiting pipeline. This guide gives you a birds eye view of your recruiting so you can find the leaks in your pipeline and stop them once and for all.

topics Covered


Do you struggle making the initial connection?


You can connect with recruits, but do you find it difficult to get them to meet?


The recruits agree to meet with you but many times they do not show up.

Follow Up

I have amazing interviews but sometimes agents say they will join and I find out they went a different direction.

Author spotlight

Matt Vigh has lived in the real estate world for nearly 30 years. After being the top producing agent of his company in year one, he went on to buy the company in 3 years and scale it to one of the largest brokerages in the area. He later went on to run the largest office in a top 20 National Brokerage. He loves real estate, business, and RECRUITING!!! 

Matt Vigh, C.E.O. Prospect Boomerang

Listeners say

Learning where my recruiting issues truly were has made a huge difference in my brokerage. I was putting so much effort in making appointments, but didn’t even realize I was losing them before I even had the chance to interview them.

Paul Sanders

I’ve been helped immensely just by keeping this on my desk. It helps me stay focused on what needs to be done from the time I first connect with an agent, until they are signing the paperwork to join my office. 

Martha Holmes