Fusion Follow Up Sprint


Follow Up Objectives

You and I know that we must have a plan to succeed in recruiting. There are specific objectives after the event that we must focus on. Click the button below to take a look at the Top 3!

Follow Up Script

These scripts are designed for agents who attended the event, registered but didn’t attend, or missed the invite and need to get the replay as well. 

Event Speaker Info

We want to make sure that our speakers get into your ecosystem. Please click the button below and follow Neal on social media, or reach out to introduce yourself. 

Who's Hot and Who's Warm?

We all know we need to track our progress and make sure that we know who is Hot, Warm, or Cold. Making sure you keep a quality pipeline is key to your long term success. Many focus on that quick win. That’s why they stay in panic mode when recruiting. Download the Prospect Tracker and keep your pipeline full. 

FUSION 2021 Replay To Share

Click the button below to watch the event replay. The most important part is to start sharing the replay with your potential recruits. 

When sharing please use the link: 

Lead Magnets

Click the button below to get a few lead magnets Neal shared with us. The most important part is to start sharing this information. Agents will be excited to get these!


Brokers Open Podcast Marketing Challenge

Here is the preview of the Marketing Challenge presented by Brokers Open Podcast. This page is live and you are 100% able to follow up with agents and get them in for free. They will only need to use the discount code [YourCity2021] e.g. Clearwater2021, Houston2021, etc. 


Here is the replay from the Prospect Boomerang Mastermind Call where we go over post FUSION follow up and a few exciting things we are working on to help you continue to crush your recruiting goals.