How to get your agents to help you recruit

How to get your agents excited about helping you recruit!


Is getting an agent to refer a recruit to you an easy task? After all, they have close relationships with the REALTORS® in the market because they work with them regularly, right?  So why wouldn’t they help you recruit? The main cause for their indecision is not the reason that most brokers think. In part it’s because it’s just not important to them meaning they don’t think it’s their responsibility.  Which it’s not, but protecting the culture and reputation of the office is, in part, their responsibility.  The big reason is this…they don’t know how to do it “the easy and low commitment way” so not doing it at all is a safer bet.  If you want them to help put the steps below in place so they have clear understanding of “how” to do it in a non-committed, non-threatening way. A way that relieves them from any true obligation. Just think of it as democratizing the recruiting to make it easier on everyone.  Here is how you do it!

Have a plan of what you want to accomplish first

This is important because it’s hard to get anyone to recommend you if you don’t first share the idea of the outcome you want.  It doesn’t need to be an elaborate plan riddle with complexity.  Instead, just have an articulate and clear goal that you can share over and over that’s coupled with basic dialogue for you agents to connect you with great agents in the market. Keep it simple by focusing on, your goal, how to make the introduction, and what everyone gets from it!  Do not overcomplicate it or it will not get done. 

Build trust with your current agents first

Start by building relationships with agents who are willing to be helpful to you. It does not just have to be the agents that are currently on your roster but that is certainly where you start.  You want to build trust with them by demonstrating that you know how to help them grow their business. You know how to help them save time and earn more money.  In other words, show them that you know how to be a managing broker and not just a competing broker.  When you help them with their business struggles you’ll be showing your agents that you have their best interests at heart and the will start talking to other agents. Showing that you care about them is always the easiest way to get someone to refer you when it comes to sales, right? Well do not overlook that when it comes to recruiting.

Have expertise that you demonstrate that your agents can share

This means, with out bragging, demonstrate your expertise and your agents will be proud to share your content.  Do you have a killer listing appointment strategy?  Are you excellent at coaching agents?  Are you a rockstar at training?  Do you help your office lead the community in fundraising for a specific charity?  All of these things are very “shareable” if you agents know how to do it and have been asked to make it part of their routine.  How? Do you have agents share content from your sales meeting on social media? Do you give recognition to agents who list properties that use your presentation strategy? Do you have a YouTube library of testimonials that your agents have given about why they love your community involvement?  If you ask them to do this, show them how, reward them for doing it, and let them share in the results…they will share your expertise so much that no other broker in your market could hold a candle to you, according to YOUR AGENTS!     

Stay flexible and be persistent

Real estate agents don’t always have time to help you when you need it. However, if you have enough of them that understand your plan and how to execute it you will never have a lull in your recruiting referrals.  When some agents are busy and cannot be bothered other will be focused on your plan.  That is just the way relationships work. The key for you is to always try to keep your agents “warm” to your recruiting plans.  That way when the time is right and they get the chance, your office growth objectives will not be overlook.  Be persistent but not pesky.  Be diligent not domineering.      

Emotional and financial compensation

Money is good! Finding a way to financially compensate your agents for recruits that were referred to you is important. More important, however, is finding a way to emotionally compensate them such as recognition at sales meetings, social media posts, and trophy’s when the time comes.  The more experienced the agent who give the referral the bigger the emotional compensation should be!

Use onboarding as a tool to leverage the hires you get

Onboarding is the process through which a company finalizes the promises made during the recruitment process. Now not everything can be completed then but everything that can be, should be! This is a great time to make sure that you put on display “why” the agent joined more than the fact “that” the agent joined. What better time to give emotional compensation to the referring agent then at the onboarding process.  Find a way to give them the chance to help celebrate you watch the fireworks! If done properly everyone will make a big deal out of them coming onboard and everyone will want more of that same type of recognition. That means more referrals and more hires. Look at this as a time to put the company’s culture on display. If you want to leverage the hiring process to get agents to refer you to their network of agents pay close attention to the people that made it happen to start with and allow them to be heralded as the catalyst.

Again, getting an agent to refer a colleague is not an easy task. That is unless you have a plan that is followed by your team and adjusted as needed.  The more moementum you get with your plan the more agents that will feel excited to be part of it. Do not ever feel that the driving reason your agent will refer you is because of the money.  If that were true, there would only be one real estate company. Real estate agents are naturally going to think about the money but they will also consider their reputation, their convenience, their best use of time and so many other factors.  If you’re first able to help them put their concerns to rest. Then give them compensation when they’ve executed their role.  The accountability and results will make them excited to support such a worthwhile goal as helping their broker run a successful company.


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