Lead Generation and Marketing Trends to watch in 2023

In today’s digital world, effective and stand out marketing is a must for every one in the real estate industry.  The focus going forward will be to make sure the public sees your brand and what you stand for before it’s time for them to engage a real estate agent or brokerage.  That means your message needs to come from an angle they ensures they don’t forget about you the next time they look for real estate answers.  That is the foundation of lead generation and it has evolved. It’s not just about “here is some info on a house when you want more give me a call”!  Let’s take a look at some trends we can expect to continue to evolve in 2023 and beyond.

Lead generation will always be the key to success

Lead generation has always been an important part of a real estate agent and brokers marketing efforts. With the rise of e-commerce and the increasing number of internet users, the importance of having a real strategy has never been greater. In fact, online lead generation was originally touted to be “the most cost-effective advertising method” but as time has passed the truth came out. It is a huge drain on your resources both as a broker and as an agent.  This is especially true as you start to take a real look at your lead sourcing ROI when it comes to your time. Let’s be clear, if you want to grow your business, you must invest in lead generation (online or otherwise) but make sure that it offers the best return based on your skillset and how you want to allocate your resources. That means regularly review lead sourcing and conversion with simple metrics that tell a complete story.  At the end of the day we don’t just want lead, we really want closings, right?

Make sure you are sharing how your local market is changing

Today’s consumers have the ability to be more aware than ever of the market conditions.  What they do not have it hyper-local expert insight at their fingertips. Especially when they are not in a real estate buying or selling cycle.  That is where you come in. They’ll love the “nuggets” of how the market is doing when they can get localized bite size insight.  The best way to do this is to share news, trends and statistics about the market that you are based in on a regular basis. This will make your brand feel more relevant to the local community, rather than just a faceless business. This is crucial because consumers are more critical than ever of the brands they support and refer. This means that you have to make sure that you’re constantly sharing relevant and easy to digest market insight.  Make it fun and helpful and they will share and engage.

Content Marketing Will Be More Important Than Ever Before

Speaking of content marketing, if you’re not investing in sharing your content about not just real estate but about you then you’re wasting a lot of money. If for no other reason than saving money you should make 2023 the year of sharing relevant content!  It is easier than you think.  The key here is to make sure that your content is relevant now.  Don’t try to make everything you put out “evergreen” content.  It is ok if it ages!  Most importantly, it should be useful for your audience. If you are no good at it then find the person and hire them as your content marketer to help you brainstorm ideas for 2023 and beyond. 

Customer Satisfaction will drive the real estate industry vs just customer service

The real estate industry is expected to undergo a paradigm shift in the next few years. As customer satisfaction becomes a top priority, real estate agents will find themselves with less incentive to spend on customer service. This means that real engagement with your clients will be the focus and not just a “checklist” of services to be completed.  Think about online reviews, which ones are the best?  It’s the ones that say “I had a big problem, they really listened, they communicated what was happening, and they solved my problem beyond my expectations.”  That is customer satisfaction not just “I gave the customer the service that I defined they needed. Simply put customer service as defined by Salesforce is “the support you offer your customers — both before and after they buy and use your products or services — that helps them have an easy and enjoyable experience with you.” On the other hand customer satisfaction as defined by Zendesk is “is a measure of how happy your customers are with your product or service you offered them!”  In the end, if you’re making sure your customers have an easy time doing business with you, and that they are satisfied with what you offered them you will stay ahead of 80% of your competition who is only focusing on one part of the equation.  In turn, they’ll be much more likely to remain loyal to your brand and to refer you to others.

Keep in mind, marketing in 2023 and beyond is no longer just about pushing out messages to customers. It’s about providing your potential clients with what they need, when they need it. And to do this, you need to make sure you’re constantly investing in your brand, your knowledge, and your services offered. With the right kind of marketing efforts, you can turn into a lead gen, power brand, and profit reaping success story. While you’re at it, you can have fun sharing information that helps make you a pillar in your community!  It’s a win/win for everyone!


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