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Our Lender program is the perfect way to win with any brokerage. Help them solve their biggest obstacle, recruiting, and they will be grateful for the life of your relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why wouldn't the broker pay for this themselves?

Some brokers do pay for it because they want to achieve sustainable growth. The opportunity behind the lender driving this initiate is simple, legacy minded Brokerages understand that having a collaborative business system is critical going forward.  When a Broker doesn’t know about the opportunity, and a smart lender brings it to them, it creates a cohesive and long term “win/win” relationship.

Which brokers would be the best fit for these types of relationships?

Brokerages that focus on high splits, “numbers” based brokers, or Companies/Broker Models that do not facilitate a relationship with the agent & only want the fees are not going to be a beneficial partner. The Broker does not hold any weight with them.  The best partner is a Brokerage who is engaged in the success of the agents. The agent who is there only for a split will have an ecosystem of their own.

What type of pushback could I get from brokers when I approach them about this?

None from great brokers.  In your initial conversation you will be able to identify if the brokerage is engaged with their agents in a way that is going to allow you to have in depth relationships with them. Some of the most telltale signs are that they are going to have a relationship already with quality vendors, they have  scheduled sales meetings and they have substantive training for their agents. They will also have social media groups, marketing supplies provided to their agents, staff that supports their agents, and a way to showcase testimonials.

If I don't know the broker or the program, how can I explain the benefit of working together on this?

We want you to feel comfortable talking about the program but are here to help if you need to land a brokerage that would help expand or be game changing for your business.

Is this just another "leads" program that someone is offering to a broker?

No, this is not a leads program. This program is centered around relationships, and longevity of relationships, so the lenders are not constantly chasing a new deal every month. Our lender clients have a sustainable amount of business from brokers they have a relationship with.  

If I begin with several brokers and the relationship isn't building with a single broker, am I stuck with using one of my subscriptions with that broker for the entire year?

No, as a matter of fact, we would like you to pick brokers, see how they are utilizing the program, the service, the group coaching, etc. and we can evaluate on the monthly group call whether or not your brokers are taking advantage of the program. If they are not, not only is it a bad idea to stay with them, but it is a good idea to move on to another broker who is growth minded like you.

I noticed on the website there is a "corporate membership" that allows 15 members for the same price of $499. What is different between these two options?

The $499 corporate membership allows them to have a total of 15 Recruiting Managers and/or Staff under their “Principle” membership but they must be under A SINGLE BROKERAGE.  The Vendor Program offers memberships for 8 INDIVIDUAL Brokers in potentially separate brokerages.  That would normally be $792. That is a 37% savings for our lender clients.

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