Listing Challenge Follow Up Sprint


Follow Up Objectives

You and I know that we must have a plan to succeed in recruiting. There are specific objectives after the Challenge that we must focus on. Click the button below to take a look at the Top 3!

Follow Up Script

These scripts are designed for agents who took part in the Challenge, or were interested and did not sign up. 

The key to success is the follow up and that is why you will succeed over your competitors.

Who's Hot and Who's Warm?

We all know we need to track our progress and make sure that we know who is Hot, Warm, or Cold. Making sure you keep a quality pipeline is key to your long term success. Many focus on that quick win. That’s why they stay in panic mode when recruiting. Download the Prospect Tracker and keep your pipeline full. 

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Today's Speaker Info

RSP has perfected geographic farming.

 Our data-driven products provide consistent brand reinforcement to a targeted audience and deliver real-time leads straight to your inbox. This is accomplished through merging Tax Roll and MLS data to provide hyper-local transactional information to home owners that elevates you above your competition. As a provider of real estate marketing since 1997 , RSP maintains a “do it all for you “ approach that is backed by a personal marketing team and first-class customer service . With a focus on delivering superior results through client education and implementation of innovative products, we help you reach prospects fast while saving you time and money. Our mission is to establish agents as the local real estate expert through micro-targeted marketing solutions