Listing Challenge Registration Sprint


Email, Call & Text Scripts

Click Below to get all of your scripts needed to invite recruits to the Listing Challenge.  You are the only broker/owner who can grant access to this tremendous resource. Make sure to lead with value.

Listing Challenge Preview

Watch a preview of the Listing Challenge here. This challenge will be available on July 1st to agents you are recruiting, as well as agents in your office. Prospect Boomerang is dedicated to helping your office grow through recruiting, as well as production.

Listing Challenge Playbook

Click here to get a full look of the entire playbook you will have at your side to be the listings expert your recruits need as their trusted advisor. 

Registration Link

Click below to go to the registration page. This is the link you will send agents to sign up for the challenge. 

To gain free access they will need to enter your code. Your access code will be your city name followed by 2021.

e.g. Clearwater2021, Boston2021, Houston2021, etc.