Marketing Challenge Registration Sprint


Registration Link

Click below to go to the registration page. This is the link you will send agents to sign up for the challenge. 

To gain free access they will need to enter your code. Your access code will be your city name followed by 2021.

e.g. Clearwater2021, Boston2021, Houston2021, etc. 


Click Below to get your scripts for inviting recruits to the Marketing Challenge.  You are the only broker/owner who can grant access to this tremendous resource. Make sure to lead with value.

Marketing Challenge Objectives

You and I know that we must have a plan to succeed in recruiting. There are specific objectives after the event that we must focus on. Click the button below to take a look at the Top 3!

Who's Hot and Who's Warm?

We all know we need to track our progress and make sure that we know who is Hot, Warm, or Cold. Making sure you keep a quality pipeline is key to your long term success. Many focus on that quick win. That’s why they stay in panic mode when recruiting. Download the Prospect Tracker and keep your pipeline full. 

Prospect Boomerang Mastermind Replay