Brokerpreneur Profit Accelerator

Brokerpreneur Profit Accelerator

The Brokerpreneur Profit Accelerator allows you to experience the guaranteed results that your brokerage wants while exploring what Prospect Boomerang services best fit your needs. In the Brokerpreneur Profit Accelerator you benefit from:

  • 3 months of Event and Challenge registrations to boost your current agents productivity while connecting with recruits in your market. (Part of Brokerpreneur Fast Track normally $299 mo.)
  • Two 1 on1 coaching sessions focused on growing your brokerage (Normally $850 mo.)
  • 3 Months of Fast Track Live. (Normally part of Brokerpreneur Fast Track)
  • 3 months of Brokerpreneur Toolkit (each Monday and normally part of Brokerpreneur Fast Track)
  • A recruiting assessment and findings to identify gaps in your recruiting plan (Normally $495)
  • 5 Guaranteed experienced agent appointments from your target list appoint (Normally $1450+-)

All for one payment of $899! We are extending this offer of savings of $2793 because we are so confident that once you experience the benefits of the Brokerpreneur community you will find a program that offers the results you want! Click on the link below and let’s get your results started…NOW!


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