No School like old school when it comes to recruiting tactics.

There are countless ways to recruit new and experienced real estate agents.


The one that works is the one that you can do over and over that gets easier every time you do it.  If you have listened to many episodes of our podcast (@ you have likely heard me say, “the best CRM is one that you will use” and recruiting tactics are the same exact way. 

Some people use calling services, some use social media ads, some even use AI created automated drip campaigns, some people pick up the phone to call and text, and some people just go old school. A good example of an old school but successful real estate recruiting system is mailers.

Many agents use these exact types of tactics it to bring in new listings and buyers so why not use a mailer program for recruiting?  Think about it, a mailer is easy to do, it’s almost automatic, and you can use the feedback that you get to make it better and better as time passes. It’s also easy to build a list of names and addresses thanks to the MLS.  To top it all off, it’s also easy to send out an offer like “join by January 15th and get 10 yard signs on us”, yes I am serious.  You never know what type of call to action is going to work with which agents. 

A simple mailing program can be set up for about $150 per month for printing and postage costs and can be facilitated by a staff member.  If you sent out 200 letters a month, that is $1800 a year right with 2400 points of contact with potential hires. Even if your terrible you will get 5-6 hires a year from that tactic which means about $300 per hire.  If you cannot get 10 times that much in return from at least half of those hires you are doing something really wrong!  With some decent copy and basic follow up it will produce many new hires each year and many will stick around for several years. 

Some people have a hard time writing letters so they send out postcards instead, if that works best for you than go for it!  There is less space but it’s also a “quick read” so if you have a compelling message it might be the way to do.  Keep in mind many people throw away postcards without reading them so what you put on it needs to really grab attention. You need to write something that engages them enough to read your message on the back.  Adding a QR code can make it more dynamic and help with tracking results.  You can also take them to places like videos and downloads that can further grab attention. 

Another plus to using this type of old school tactic is that you can drive them to events or specific pages on your website that they can continue to come back to time and time agent.  Do you host trainings via a Facebook group or zoom on a regular basis, these types of live interactive offerings help agents to understand more about “who you really are” before they decide to join your office.  Simply put, it’s a great way to stay in touch with recruits in a nonconfrontational way.  Think of it as just another way of reaching out and saying “I’m here if you want to explore growing your profits”.  Don’t use this tactic to say “hurry up and move now” if you really want exponential results. 

One of the best parts about this type of strategy is because it creates a built-in reason to “follow up”.  If part of your tactic is to reach out by phone you better have a great reason to call.  This type of contact can create exactly that, a great reason to connect. That takes the pressure off of you and them because the conversation is about something other than “hey let’s meet so I can recruit you”!

If this is part of your overall strategy then there is one more component to verify.  How good is your website that you are driving them to or how good is the value add that is in your call to action?  It needs to be good and have a strong video component. 

There is a quote from Thomas Edison that says “The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” That means that if you dedicate yourself to something like this you are not only going to get results from the action but more importantly you are going to get the best results from what you learned while you were taking the action.  That is truly where the value lies in having a growth mindset.  The better you get at recruiting as a fundamental part of your brokerage the more confident you feel.  If you’re good at a recruiting tactics like these then as you want to grow revenue you just turn on this spigot and start receiving results!

If you are not sure where to start or if you want example letters geared towards experienced agents just email me at and we will be happy to schedule a free session to help you set up your automated drip!  



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