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Sexy Real Estate Recruiting Podcast


Welcome to the Prospect Boomerang community!! It’s our mission to help brokers compound their growth and end their struggle with profitability. One of the tools we utilize to share great ideas is our Sexy Real Estate Recruiting Podcast that you can listen to here.  It fundamentally outlines our philosophy that “Growth should be your company’s culture, not just your manager’s job”.

To get an idea of how we help our Broker’s with expanding their recruiting success you can also download the ______________________below.  We appreciate the chance to connect with you and look forward to seeing you at our upcoming event at your local board office. You can register below.  As always with Prospect Boomerang, we just want to be part of your win!

Vision Vs. Culture

In this episode Matt and Dr. Ben discuss the difference between vision and culture. They also dive into how most of you have a mission

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