Prospect Boomerang ERA Grizzard Onboarding Sprint


Recruiting Assessment

To succeed in recruiting you must know where you’re starting. The recruiting assessment gives us an in depth look at where you are succeeding and where we can make the most impact.

There are no wrong answers. Be honest with yourself. We are here to help YOU win!

Brokerpreneur Podcast

This podcast is designed to help brokers, owners, and managers scale their offices through recruiting and growth strategies. 

This is where we help you go from Salesperson to C.E.O.

Broker's Open Pocast

This is our agent facing podcast. The value of our Challenges, Events, and Lead Magnets is created in this podcast name to allow you to share with your recruits in a non branded, non confrontational manner.

This shows you are truly sharing value, instead of sending office branded recruiting materials.

A Message From A Client

When Terry joined our Brokerpreneur community he absolutely dreaded recruiting. We were able to show him why he hated it so much, and open his eyes to a way of recruiting that was value based and full of excitement. 

Knowing The Numbers

The difference between an average recruiting manager and a recruiting rock star is the QUALITY of their pipeline. 

Successful recruiting managers hire from a plan, not from panic.