Prospect Boomerang Mastermind 8.18.21

Mastermind 12.8.21

Thank Your For Being Part Of Our Community!!!

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to work with you.  We love being part of your win!

Make sure your agents and recruits know that you are so very grateful for them as well!!

Retention Challenge

The Retention Challenge is finished and will Launch NEXT MONDAY!!

Make sure you check your email next Monday. This is for clients only so you will already be enrolled. Monday’s email will make it super simple to get started!

What Would You Like To Learn?

We want to make sure that real estate brokerages are successful for a LONG TIME! 

Are there any topics for the podcast, Monday and Friday Emails, or the Mastermind group that you would like us to cover? 

It’s very important to us that we are bringing the value and content that you desire. Never hesitate to make suggestions. We LOVE them!!!!

Ask your agents the same thing. Find out what they want from you and make sure you offer it to them if it is authentic to your brokerage!


Elevate & The SOI Challenge

We are very excited for the next event and challenge that we have created just for you!

We are in discussion with some amazing speakers to make sure we are providing the best value to your recruits. 

In the Monday Brokerpreneur Fast Track emails you will find text and email scripts that you can already start using to create engagement for the registration when it opens.

Happy Holidays From Everyone At
Prospect Boomerang!!!