Excite Registration Sprint


Registration Email Template

You are going to need to send this email a few times to get them registered. Email inboxes get cluttered and even if they are interested in registering, they may be busy and forget to go back by the end of the day. You want to help and guide them to success in your office. Start showing that now.

Event Call Script

This script is the same one that we use to invite agents to the event on your behalf. You or any of your staff may make this call. This is going to build a sense of urgency as the event is nearing. 

Event Text Script

One of the best ways to spread the word is through text. Agents are so busy, sometimes this is the only way to get them on the phone if you’re not a buyer or seller. Make sure to take advantage of this script as many of your registrations will come through text!

Broker Call

OK, we have made calls, your staff has made calls, and now it is time for that last final push to get agents registered for the event. This call is made by you personally. Whether they end up registering or not, this is an easy way for you reach out and make a touch that is delivering nothing but value.