Southern Homes, Kathy Czukor

Southern Homes, Kathy Czukor

Prospect Boomerang Testimonials

We pride ourselves on being part of your win. This is a video of a few of our clients who are sharing their feedback on being part of our community! 🙂

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Our Commitment To You

Please let us know if you have any questions about the statistics below. We are very proud of our results, and pride ourselves on helping you create a QUALITY pipeline that continues to grow month after month.

Market Exclusivity

Our program is designed to increase productivity from your current agent population while helping you create a connection with quality agents who are growth minded in your market. 

In markets where we do not have a Managed Services Partner we work side by side with all of our Brokerpreneur Fast Track partners to identify great agents within the market so they can easily connect on a high value based. 

In markets where we do have a Managed Services Partner we offer exclusive use of our program to that partner in the zip codes that make up the market area our partner services. The use of the tools described above includes:
  • Mastermind Group Attendance
  • Program Coaching
  • Manager Coaching
  • Event and Challenge Participation
  • Retention Tools and systems
  • Lead Magnets
  • Recruiting
  • Listing, Marketing, and SOI Tutorials
  • And Much More

Sample Challenge Registration Sprint

Here is a sample of materials that we create for our clients leading up to our events and challenges.

We do our very best to simplify the recruiting process, ensuring that everyone can successfully leverage the opportunities.

The Brokerpreneur Podcast

Here is the link to our top ranked real estate recruiting podcast. You can listen on all major platforms, i.e. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.

We drop new episodes every Monday and Friday! We are dedicated to remove the dread of recruiting from the real estate industry.

Points of Validation

Guaranteed Results

As discussed on our call, we are confident to guarantee the results of 72 agent appointments made on your behalf.

Due to seasonality, and unforeseen circumstances appointments each month may vary. You will get what we promise. We set that as a minimum standard for Prospect Boomerang. Once the 72 appointments are met we will continue to schedule appointments through the 12 months. 

If during the 12 month period we do not meet the predetermined appointments, we will continue to schedule until that goal is met. 

Use of Challenges, Events, and Mastermind Group Coaching

Based on the Managed Services Program we discussed, all offices will be able to utilize ALL EVENTS, ALL CHALLENGES, and ALL MASTERMIND GROUPS throughout the year, regardless of the manager’s participation in our Elite Level Coaching.

The Elite Level Coaching will be offered to all of your managers in a group setting. This is to ensure all managers have an equal opportunity to take advantage of the program while at the same time minimizing your coaching expense.

Participation in Events and Challenges

The value delivery of our program runs on a 15 month cycle. Our program alternates events and challenges to build upon the manager’s success.

FUSION Event -> Marketing Challenge -> 2 Months of Dedicated Retention Processes -> ELEVATE Event -> Sphere of Influence Challenge -> EXCITE Event -> Listing Challenge

FUSION Event: Fusing your business philosophies with your marketing strategies.

ELEVATE Event: Leveling Up your business ecosystem

EXCITE Event: Take BIG Action!

Appointment Setting

Our value first approach to making connections ensures that you are maintaining a quality pipeline. We call from a specific list generated by you. 

No Program Succeeds Without Follow Up

Setting appointments with experienced agents comes with the expectation of 8-10 touches before the appointment is scheduled.

Our focus is to help your brokerage foster a culture of growth. That means using the challenges and events to help the managers leverage best practices through the use of a Prospect Tracker.  This guides them on value based touches that have already been created by us. Everyone knows what to do and when to do it, making the reach outs easy, effective, and ultimately profitable for the company as a whole.

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