The verdict is in and now the excitement starts


Maybe it’s time to elevate your brokerage’s market reputation through a Client-Centric perspective.

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, it’s essential to adapt and embrace changes. The recent Sitzer/Burnett verdict has brought several opportunities to light for brokers to enhance their market reputation. As the CEO of Brokerpreneur and a 25-year veteran of the real estate industry, I’m thrilled to help but honestly it stinks to do it through these cirrcumstances. No, I’m not “chicken little” and I do not think the sky is falling but things are different now after this verdict. There is no way to avoid that fact.

I know what you’re saying, Matt, I have always had a “Client-Centric” approach to how I run my brokerage and train my agents. 

Well, in the wake of the Sitzer/Burnett verdict, the spotlight is firmly on ethics, transparency, and the treatment of clients. This presents a unique chance to strengthen your brokerage’s reputation and do it now while everyone is looking. Where to start, well here is a quick list that you can work on and share with your agents as well. 

  1. Rebuilding Trust: Trust is the cornerstone of our industry. Clients need to know they can rely on us, and a client-centric approach rebuilds this trust. It shows that your brokerage is committed to ethical and transparent practices.

  2. Market Reputation: A client-centric approach isn’t just about excellent customer service; it’s about creating a reputation as a beacon of integrity in the market. This reputation can make your brokerage stand out in a competitive field. If you have it, its time to make sure that your community knows that you have it.

  3. Future-Proofing: With regulatory changes on the horizon, a client-centric approach aligns you with evolving standards, future-proofing your business. It’s a proactive way to adapt to legal changes while ensuring a thriving brokerage.

Practical Steps for a Client-Centric Approach

Here’s how to implement a client-centric approach:

  1. Transparency: Communicate openly about your commission structures, services, and what clients can expect.

  2. Client Feedback: Encourage and value client feedback, using it to improve your services continually.

  3. Ethical Training: Ensure that your agents and staff are well-versed in ethical practices. A well-trained team is your biggest asset. It’s important to say that now more than ever it’s not just about the basics when it comes to ethics training.

  4. Adaptability: Be flexible and ready to adapt your services to meet client needs. Customization and responsiveness can set you apart.

  5. Innovation: Embrace innovative technologies and practices that enhance the client experience. Whether it’s digital tools, virtual tours, or eco-friendly solutions, innovation can be a selling point.

  6. Client Education: That’s right, put resources into educating clients about the real estate process, so they feel confident and well-informed.

A Final Note

The Sitzer/Burnett case offers a unique opportunity to strengthen your market share by putting your reputation on display. A leader in this market will attract top talent by emphasizing a client-centric approach. In the “people business” that is real estate, it’s crucial to put your clients’ interests first. By doing so, you not only serve them well but also set yourself up for success.

In a changing landscape, excellence shines through. Embrace this opportunity, not just as a legal requirement, but as a chance to build a real estate brokerage that stands out in the industry.


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